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"First impressions count" - Insurance Case Study

An Australian regional insurance company successfully transitions their internal IT helpdesk to Amazon Connect.

A top insurer has a mission to 'reinvent Customer Service' for both their Customers and internal staff, Amazon Connect was chosen as part of this transformation journey.

Poor perceptions are hard to shake, so when a leading Australian insurance company transitioned a pilot team to Amazon Connect, as part of its mission to 'reinvent customer service', day one service had to be perfect. 

The Customer had three key goals: 

  1. Showcase Innovation: Become a successful reference for transformation of other Customer facing operations. 

  2. Employee Experience: Create a high quality experience for both Customers and Agents 

  3. Operational Excellence: Deliver excellence through measuring, understanding and improving .

"Operata are one of the best partners that I've worked with in my career. They are very customer focussed, and have spent a lot of time getting to know our business before recommending solutions. They have fantastic knowledge of their domain. I have recommended them already to many other organizations who are reaching out to hear what we are doing with cloud tech."

— Executive Manager - IT, Leading Regional Insurer

The Operata capabilities proved instrumental in delivering these aims from the first live call and beyond. Operata was engaged to provide the Operata Platform to both assure delivery and maintain the highest quality of service once live. Operata load testing tools were used to prove call-flows and integration performance, finding issues with both that were resolved before go-live. 

As the IT operations teams transitioned to their new environment, the data continually captured by the Platform. It identified issues with the network configuration and uncovered peak loads at a location hindering quality conversations. The insights provided by Operata not only identified the issue, but also provided the detail needed by the IT teams to resolve it quickly - within hours proof of resolution was confirmed through the Operata Platform. 

Now fully transitioned, the Agents, Call Centre Manager, Product Owner and IT teams all use Operata workflow to proactively inform them of any changes to service quality. As the data builds, focus has shifted from fixing issues to improving service quality - why do some sites have a consistently better quality than others? Confidence in the Operata Platforms Subjective, Objective and Synthetic quality measures is so high that they are now an integral part of the change validation process for the organization.

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