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Operata AX Copilot

Smart monitoring and real-time guidance for Agents to improve digital and customer experience.

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Improve IT performance for Agents

Deliver intelligent real-time guidance to agents including alerts to technical issues and troubleshooting tips based on best practices to improve CX.

Reduce agent downtime

Alert agents to issues, and provide recommendations and testing tools to help agents quickly self-resolve problems and return to productive work.

Improve agent wellbeing

Identify in real time when agents are subject to abusive calls, and configure your preferred remediations to improve agent wellbeing and reduce turnover.

AX Copilot

Real-time intelligent guidance for agents.


Improve FCR with timely resolution of IT issues

When a customer disconnects from one-way audio, Operata alerts the agent and initiates a workflow to redial, prioritize the callback, and send an SMS to the customer.

Customer complains

During an interaction, the customer complains they can’t hear well

Anomaly detected

Keywords trigger Operata's anomaly detection, initiating a workflow

Alert Sent

Operata notifies agents and IT of poor audio issues and offers solutions to enhance CX


Improve CSAT by minimizing call drop-offs.

When a customer disconnects due to one-way audio, Operata triggers a workflow for immediate redial, prioritized callback, and SMS notification. Insights alert operations to potential issues with agent, location, or technology, prompting remedial action.

Customer abandons

During an interaction, the customer disconnects a call due to one-way audio

Agent notified

Operata alerts agent that customer has disconnects mid-call

Workflow orchestrated

Operata initiates a preset workflow, e.g. Prompt agent redial, callback or send an SMS


Improve agent retention & compliance

If a customer becomes abusive, the agent warns them of potential consequences. Continuing abuse leads to transfer to a special queue with explanatory audio. Operata updates systems like QM, WFM, and CCaaS to record the interaction accurately.

Customer abuses

Customer gets frustrated at agent and starts abusive behavior

Agent ends call

Agent can view their abuse policy and end the call safely

Sent to queue

Customers are placed in a special queue with an audio explanation for the call termination

AX Copilot Features

Improve agent performance and wellbeing.

Agent CX alerts from Tenor AI™

Deliver real-time AI-powered alerts and guidance to agents right within their CCaaS browser tab.

Recommended actions

Feed agents a stream of real-time recommendations for issue troubleshooting and resolution based on best practices.

Configurable action buttons

Configure primary and secondary action buttons for each alert and recommendation that is delivered to your agents.

Wellbeing alerts from Tenor AI™

Use pre-built conversational analytics rules from your CCaaS to detect abusive calls and provide agents with remediation actions.

“Operata helped us troubleshoot errors and understand the impact of remediation actions.”

Alex Seng, Business Analyst, Everlight Radiology

Unlock your CX data with Tenor AI™

Combining GenAI and machine learning with proprietary data and algorithms.

AI Featured Insights

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CX Copilot

Ask questions with natural language to uncover insights in your data.
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