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Dancing the POLQA - Phase Pacific Case Study

Operata worked with Phase Pacific to deliver objective audio quality scoring for cloud contact centers.

Predicting voice quality using data network statistics was fit for purpose back in the days where the network environment was in your control.

Predicting voice quality using data network statistics was fit for purpose back in the days where the network environment was in your control.

But today’s cloud first world is different, and measuring voice quality of modern cloud contact centers needs a new approach.

Multiple providers, network types, security, operating systems, browsers, software, headsets and more all need to be working in harmony to give the best Customer and Agent experience — but how do you know that they are?

Operata worked with network performance and software integrity experts, Phase Pacific to solve this problem for Amazon Connect with one touch objective audio quality scoring.

The Challenge

Network statistic based MOS scoring uses an algorithm to give an estimate of voice quality from a cloud contact center to an Agent’s phone or softphone, while this measure is useful, it does not capture the performance inside the cloud or the exchange lines connected to it.

Legacy methods for this type of end-to-end testing rely on installing physical appliances which is expensive, time consuming, impractical and often available for a short period.

Modern Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) solutions use internet native audio codecs. This means the right test audio files and measurement techniques must be used or results can be highly inaccurate. In order to establish an accurate test process, specialist expertise and tools are needed.

"Operata’s unique approach to voice quality measurement was a great opportunity to addresses a very practical need in the fast growing Contact-Center-as-a-Service space"

— Bruno Schiavetti - Technical Director, Phase Pacific

Phase Pacific Goals 

  • Objectively measure audio quality across a cloud contact center environment.

  • Use applicable ITU standards as the method of measurement.

  • Take measurements accurately, on demand, with a simple repeatable process.

  • Present the data as actionable insights for customers

The Solution

Operata worked with Phase Pacific to add voice quality scoring to the Operata Platform. 

With one click, test scenarios that replicate actual caller and agent activity can be initiated, which sends benchmark test audio known as a ‘Harvard reference file’ across the environment, records it at the customer, Amazon Connect and Agent endpoints and then scores each using POLQA (Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Analysis). In seconds the results, including playable audio with waveforms are visible in the Operata Platform, as are the associated data network analytics.

The collaboration has seen Operata launch the first cloud based toolset for voice quality testing and performance assessment. 

The Benefits for Customers

Measurable performance is critical at all stages of an Amazon Connect deployment — evaluation,  pilot, transition and production.

On demand audio scoring provides the insights needed to focus attention on resolving any issues detected and the confidence in the quality of customer and agent experience being delivered.

Key Points

  • Measuring audio quality across cloud contact centers, needs a new approach.

  • Operata, supported by Phase Pacific created Operata Scoring to provide a cloud native toolset for voice quality testing and performance assessment

  • Operata scoring has been built to specifically measure the Amazon Connect environment — using the benchmark Harvard reference audio file and the POLQA scoring standard ITU-T P.863 POLQA .

  • This measurement gives enterprises the confidence to adopt, transition and operate their Amazon Connect \tenvironment and deliver best in class audio and outstanding customer experience.

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